teleParts Telecaster

I got this awesome guitar at a local used shop. I don’t know a whole lot about it, since the guy who owned it before me was the one who put it together. But here are a few things I do know:

  • It has Seymour Duncan Antiquity 1 tele pickups
  • The strat pickup is from a standard American strat
  • The neck is from the late 90s
  • The body is from the early 00s and has been repainted

The pickup selector is a three-way switch. The knob underneath the bridge serves as a blend knob for the strat pickup. This is awesome because I can blend in as little or as much of the strat pickup as I want with any pickup combination. It rules.

Les Paul1978 Gibson Les Paul

I never thought I would own a Les Paul. Every time I played one they always felt too muddy and dark. I generally like brighter sounding guitars, and all my other guitar choices basically reflect that. But this one just felt great to me. It has a ton of body and weight to the tone, but there is still a great clarity and high end response. It feels warm and mellow without losing the ability to cut. I’m really glad I took the time to try this one out, it really compliments my other guitars well.

gretschGretsch Country Classic Jr

I spent a lot of time looking for this guitar. I really wanted something with Filtertron pickups, because I love that sound. But I’ve always felt like the standard Gretsch bodies are too big and feel awkward on me. This is one of the discontinued “junior” models from Gretsch. It feels really great and sounds great too.

deluxe1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

This is another guitar I spent a lot of time looking for. I’ve always wanted a tele deluxe, partly because I think they look awesome, and partly because I knew it would satisfy my search for a guitar with humbuckers. Most humbuckers feel really dark and muddy to me, but these are just bright enough to keep me happy. This guitar also has a big thick baseball bat neck… it feels great.

strat2003 Fender Texas Special Stratocaster

This guitar is very special to me. In 2004, for my high school graduation gift, my dad took me to the first Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas. It was awesome. We were right in front of Eric Clapton, BB King, Eric Johnson, Robert Randolph, and a bunch of other guys. They also had a whole building full of guitar retailers. We found a guy selling this last batch of the Texas Special guitars, since they’d just been discontinued. It was a ridiculous price… and my dad bought it for me. As far as I’m concerned, this was my first REAL guitar. I’ll never get rid of it.

bariEastwood Sidejack Baritone

I’ll be honest, the main reason that I bought this guitar is because I needed it for one guitar part on the Advent Tour with Future of Forestry. But I figured it was a good excuse to get something cool that I’d use later. It’s a really cool guitar. Eastwood seems to make really solid guitars at good prices. It’s built well, plays well, and sounds great.



Matchless Chieftain

I bought this amp new a few years ago. It’s really great… 40 watts with EL34s in the power section and 12ax7s in the preamp section. I like to run it basically at the edge of breakup, so it’s mostly clean until I dig in or boost it.


Matchless Clubman

This is a 2005 Clubman. It’s 35 watts and has EL34s in the power section and an EF86 preamp tube. I love this amp because it’s super simple. Nothing I don’t need. One of the stock Celestion speakers in the cab was replaced with a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker before I bought it.


Dr. Z M12

This amp is awesome. It basically replaced my Fender Blues Junior for low-wattage/low-volume situations. It’s only 12 watts and has EL84 power tubes and an EF86 preamp tube. I love the simplicity of this guy with the three knobs. It sounds absolutely wonderful.

1965 Fender Twin Reverb

Now THIS amp actually used to belong to my guitar teacher. It’s the real deal… a 1965 Twin Reverb. But the cool part is that the original owner, a pedal steel player, swapped out the speakers for a single 15″ JBL speaker. So even though the amp isn’t “stock”, the speaker is likely even older than the amp!




Here’s a list of all the pedals in their signal chain order:

It should be noted that my signal is split to stereo at the El Capistan delay pedal. It’s stereo from there to the end.

The main pedalboard is a Pedaltrain PT-3 with the hard case. Underneath it are two Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ units that power everything. The patch cables are a mix of a few Lava Cable kits and George L cable kits.

The secondary pedalboard that holds the Boomerang and Sidecar is a Pedaltrain Mini with soft case. It fits just right, doesn’t it?

And to answer a very frequently asked question… no, I do not ever use the effects loops on my amps. All my pedals go right to the front of the amp!

Other pedals

  • Line 6 Echo Park
  • Paul C Timmy
  • ZVEX Super Hard on clone
  • Ibanez TS9
  • Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Musket
  • Boss DD-5
  • Walrus Audio Voyager

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  • siciliancameleon

    Hey man-
    How do you like to set your amps? how does the vintage 30 change the sound of the blues jr.?

    • Andy Othling

      I guess I like to set them kind of at the edge of breaking up. And the Vintage 30 just sounds clearer and more present to me.

  • Maracox

    Hey Andy, Would You recommend the Goodrich? Why do You like it better than the Ernie ball You used to use? thanks, Marco

    • Andy Othling

      Yes, I mainly like it because it’s much more reliable. The sweep is a bit different, but I got used to it pretty quick.

      • Noel

        does you goodrich have a linear pot or audio pot? it seems my sweep has a sudden value gain at the top of the swell. My old goodrich didn’t. the whole sweep was even. and with my goodrich i hate how the swell has a sudden volume gain at the top of my swell. it keeps me from getting rid of my guyatone sv-m5

        • Andy Othling

          Honestly I’m not sure. It’s not quite as even as the Ernie Ball, but like I said I got pretty used to it and now it’s fine.

  • Josh Baez

    Do you prefer Fender or Vox?  If I remember correctly, didn’t you use to have a Vox amp?  What happened?

    • Josh Baez

      Also, have you ever tried out a Morgan Amp?

      • Andy Othling

        I don’t know if I prefer either, they’re so different. My old AC30 had a bunch of problems, and the Clubman can get a pretty good AC30 sound with the EF86. And no, I’ve never tried a Morgan.

  • Charles Tran

    Any particular reasons why you got rid of the Strymon Timeline?

    • Andy Othling

      I dunno, I just found that I didn’t need the vast majority of the features. It was cool though.

      • Charles Tran

        based on your recent videos, it looks like you picked up the Timeline again! nice… i just got one recently and still learning how to use it. lovely pedal. good luck with the tour!

  • Kwheeler15

    What do you use the echo park for?

    • Andy Othling

      Mainly for ping-pong delays when running in stereo.

  • Downhilldman

    What about your lap steel? What kind is it and what kind of gear are you using for that?

    • Andy Othling

      Yes I forgot about that! It’s a cheap Artisan that I got years ago from Musician’s Friend. I either just plug it into my normal rig or use an ABY box to switch between it and a guitar. I’ll add that here.

  • Pjpstudios

    What strings do you use?

    • Andy Othling

      D’Addario 10′s

  • Electricguitarist16

    that xotic ac booster is my absolute favorite…mine broke and i have a fulltone ocd now but man id trade that instantly

  • Jim Donaldson

    Andy – I have just recently discovered your music… purely by accident though. I was looking for YouTube reviews on the Strymon El Capistan and there you were. First things first – you have a wonderfully original sound – love the feel and passion of your music. Now my question. Were you once using a Line 6 DL4? I think I noticed one on your board in the beach photo. If yes, why the change?  - Jim

    • Andy Othling

      Thanks Jim! I did use to use a DL4 and I liked it. But ultimately I replaced it with better delays (DMM/El Capistan) and a better looper (Boomerang III), all my opinion of course. It’s a great pedal though.

  • Shane_lewis17

    What brand of instrument connector cables do you use running throughout your pedalboard?

    • Andy Othling

      A mix of Lava and George L’s. I prefer the Lava cables.

  • Dlh

    I just read your Blog entry on Herdim picks.  Interesting and true – how do you broaden such a unique style without sounding like a “Me, too.”  I was looking at Herdims, but after reading how Mr. The Edge :-) uses the textured side I figured out a cheaper solution – use a quarter.  The rough edge’s sound is close enough for Govt. work.

  • Dustin Borne

    What head setting is your fav on the el cap?

  • James Lensing

    I have a TimeFactor can you suggest a good setting to get a good Ambient Sound for Worship type stuff?
    I all so have a Aqua Puss delay on my board if that will help me get any closer to what looking for.
    James L.

  • Renaldomoon89

    What do you use when you “reverse”?

  • IanC

    Do you record everything with a MacBook Pro?

  • Ben Joaquina

    Hi Andy, which preset do you use on the Boss RV5? I’m looking for a great reverb, with a huge sound but the Bluesky is too expensive for me..
    Thank you

    • Will Coleman

      Also check out the Hardwire Supernatural. HUGE

  • Paulo Henrique Costa Fertonani

    as your pedals are setted for stereo output, would not be better to have two equal amps in the output???

    • Andy Othling

      It’s just a preference thing. Running two dissimilar amps in stereo can result in a cool sound.

  • Julian

    Is it possible to have a little perspective on the evolution of your gear ?

  • kluch

    Andy, I know a while back you used to have the jhs buffer on your board, I’ve been thinking about getting a tu-3 specifically for it’s buffer, I assume you find it reasonable?

  • The Roan

    Hey man, I was curious about a couple piece of you gear.
    Is your Tele Deluxe a MIM and is your Deluxe Reverb the re-issue?

  • Andrew Shively

    Hey Andy,
    I’m looking for a really good delay pedal. I have a few, but I just want 1 main “go-to” delay pedal. What would you recommend? I’m currently looking at the Eventide Timefactor and a Strymon Timeline. Which do you like better? And are there any others you would recommend? Btw, I currently own a dl4 and flashback.

    Thanks for your time and input!

    • Will Coleman

      Dude man, imo: Timeline > TimeFactor, DD-20, NovaDelay. If you can dish out the cash, you’ll never need another. SOO many options, plus you can save presets to your favorite sounds. I own a DD-20 and that has 4 (technically 5) Presets and I found I run out and is very limited. But my recommendation is the Timeline fa sho.

    • Steve

      I realize you asked this 6 months ago, but I figured I’d chime in for anyone else reading. I own and utilize both the DD-20 and Timeline (Timeline–>DD-20). The Timeline is wonderful no doubt, but is very vast and filled with nearly endless possibilities. Consequently it’s easy to get lost in, where sometimes all you need is just a simple delay. That’s where the DD-20 comes in handy. I keep all of my presets on the DD-20 on typical setups (dotted-eighths, quarter notes, eighths) both with long and short settings. The Timeline is used for all the funky stuff it has to offer like the ice, tremolo, filter, etc. that I can’t do on the DD-20. Creating a dual delay with both units is very handy (I prefer the sound of different delays counteracting each other rather than 1 unit), and creating drone notes by delaying the Timeline is really useful for me. I also control both units on a single tap tempo.

  • Pete Thompson

    amazing set up and i love your music one question though. i know you used the ernie ball volume pedal for abit and im looking for a good volume pedal myself what do you think about the artec vpl-1 ?

  • lifeofworship

    Have you ever used a Neunaber Reverb pedal?

    • BlessandSave

      It’s on his board silly. Middle row, far left.


    what kind of camera are you using for video?

  • mark colon

    hey bro, jus wondering in your experience, what goes better with a timmy? a voyger or mayflower?

  • kstarks1

    Andy, I have been following your stuff for a long time now and really got into you for your looping ability, effect usage and in the end, your ambient music. I would like your opinion on buying a looper. I am wondering what made you go with the Rang instead of the RC300? I am looking to purchase a good one and was wondering what your feelings and thoughts are on the subject?

  • Ryan

    What Pedalboard do you use? and if you were to have just one walrus pedal ( Mayflower or Voyager), which would you prefer to have for a light to mid overdrive?

    • Alex Moore

      Looks like a Pedaltrain pt-3

  • Phil

    Hey Andy, have you heard of the new Boss TE-2 coming out soon? It could be promising.

  • Cole

    Hey, Andy! What do you think about the sansamp tri-ac pedal? I recently acquired one. I am absolutely loving it. I would like to know, what are your thoughts?

    • Andy Othling

      I’ve never tried it, sorry!

  • Kurt

    Andy I missed the video registration deadline would you let me sign up late?

  • zach

    Hey, thanks for all the info you provide here & on your Youtube videos. I don’t see any noise gates/suppressors among your gear. Since you use mostly teles, do you do anything special to handle the single coil noise when you are doing solo ambient stuff?

    • Andy Othling

      Nope! But depending on the situation, I might use noise removal tools in Logic after recording it.

  • Alex

    Hey Andy, do you typically run your vibrato pre or post dirt? also, do you find a lack of headroom with it on at all? Thanks!

    • Andy Othling

      I always ran it before!

  • David Taylor

    Hi, Andy! Love your playing. What are your thoughts on the Hall of Fame?

    • Andy Othling

      Thanks David! Unfortunately I’ve never tried it, and the demos left me unimpressed. I’m happy with my reverbs.

      • David Taylor

        I just recently got one and it isn’t blowing my mind. On to something else I suppose! Thanks for the response!

  • Chris

    Andy, the updates are awesome! Could you explain a little bit of how you use your overdrives? Do you ever stack them, is one set to a lighter OD than the other, are volumes at unity or pushing the amp, etc? Not necessarily trying to copy, just curious of your method. Also, is the tele shielded? I’m blown away by your buzzless tone ha

    • Andy Othling

      Yeah! Actually both are set pretty light, so that when I do stack them together it’s more of a medium overdrive. I like to have a little bit of a volume boost, but not enough to really push the amp a whole lot more.

      Honestly, I’m not sure if the guitar is shielded. I’ll have to look.

  • Brian

    if you EVER think about selling your tele deluxe. send me a price. i’ll take it any day


  • Dan Hinkle

    Hey Andy! Love your stuff. I had a question, seeing that expression pedal you use for your el capistan made me really want one, but I’m not sure what specifications to order from this1smyne. What kind are you using? (100k, 250k?)

    Thanks man, you’re really cool

    • Andy Othling

      I’m honestly not sure… I just told Dan what pedal I’d be using it with and he got me the right one!

  • Paulo Ritter

    Hi Andy! Can you tell us about the Dr. Z vs Matchless comparison? Thanks

    • Andy Othling

      They’re very different… especially because my Matchlesses are EL34, while the Dr. Z is EL84. They both break up differently. It’s hard to describe, but I love having all the options!

  • Garrett Kruse

    What were your thoughts on the Eventide Space pedal? Are you not using it anymore?

    • Andy Othling

      I thought it was alright, but I just couldn’t get into it. I prefer my Wet + blueSky combo.

  • Daniel

    Andy!! where did u buy the Strymon Bluesky pedal??

    • Andy Othling

      From Strymon’s website!

  • Dingus Squatford Jr.

    Nice gear. A timeline and an el capistan – I’m jelly.

  • Joe

    It’s good to know that you’ll never sell your strat. Now PLEASE use it in a video!

  • Mike

    Andy- in one of your videos, you spoke of recording a loop of silence before dubbing over ambient drones in order to help eliminate the audible “cut” in the loop. How long should the length of silence be?

    • Andy Othling

      There’s no rule… as long or as short as you want it to be!

  • Alex Moore

    What are you running in the effects loop of the DMMTT? Nice gear.

    • Andy Othling

      I don’t have anything in there right now.

      • Alex Moore

        Ahh…I thought the picture looked like you ran something but its just the stereo input of your WET…I find it hard to find an effect I LOVE in the FX loop of the DMM because its so subtle most of the time for me at least.

  • Michael

    Hello! Thanks for this and your music! I was wondering just listening to the beautiful sounds of “Skylight-” what guitar are you using for it? sounds maybe like your baritone?
    Speaking of which, are the pick ups in your baritone relatively bright or muddyish?

    • Andy Othling

      That was actually all my parts tele in standard tuning! I know I used the strat pickup a lot on that song.

  • joao miranda

    two questions: do you think the blues junior is a good amp for playing around with a lot of pedals to make ambient music and soundscapes if I don’t have budget for more?
    that 78 telecaster is beautiful, can’t find it in any european store, when did you got that?

    • Andy Othling

      Yeah I think the blues junior is great! And the 78 is vintage… I’m not sure that Fender is making anything like that now aside from the Mexican deluxe.

      • joao miranda

        so maybe the mexican deluxe could be a good option?
        I’m very exciting about starting my own recordings soon =)

  • Ben Jordan

    I’m digging the duck sticker on the tremolo Andy……radical lol

    • Andy Othling

      That was placed there by Marshall and I’ve grown fond of it.

  • Josh

    Hey Andy!

    How would you compare the Neunaber Wet to the Eventide Space reverb? I’m looking for a good ambient reverb pedal to compliment my 2 existing delays (Strymon Timeline and Diamond Quantum Leap).

    I’m in a location which does not have those 2 pedals available for testing so I’m kindof going by demos and recommendations. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!


    • Jonathan

      I’ll go ahead and leave advice for future tone searchers… you won’t find a better pedal than the Wet for hall reverb sounds. The Space certainly lets you tweak more, but the end result is never quite as pure, beautiful, and natural as the Wet. Start with the Wet, then go from there.

  • Micah

    Hi Andy, I’ve ready through a ton of posts both here and on youtube and can’t find any comments/reviews on your volume pedals. I know they’re not too exciting but they can make a difference. What do you think of the Goodrich compared to the others you have used? Have you ever tried a Hilton? I have a Morley now, and while I like it, it’s huge, definitely need something smaller now.

  • InYo Mace

    Hi Andy,

    I have just paid via Paypal for your Andy Song Creaton walkthrough and after the payment went through it said registration not allowed at the this time…can you please help and I’d very much like to get a user name and password setup so I can start…thank you in advance


  • Mirko

    Hi Andy,

    I am writing to you from Ukraine. I want to buy a new guitar and looking for Telecaster. I do not have a lot of money but in Ukraine, American guitars are expensive. I stopped at Fender Highway 1 Telecaster MN. But many people write it the worst of the Telecaster guitars. Tell me please, buy it or not? Waiting for your answer, Thanks!

    • Mirko

      or maybe Fender FSR Standart telecaster MN?

    • John Fletcher Elder V

      I have a Baja Telecaster and love it. If you are looking at the Highway 1 I’d recommend taking a look at the Baja. Very similar to a custom shop tele (same great pickups) but at a much more reasonable price

  • Et

    Andy, could you tell me where do you use the Soupa Trem? I actually never heard you using that and I’m wondering what could a trem pedal do in ambient.

  • Nathan

    I have a really random question…How are you picking in your videos? The reason I’m asking is because it seems that you can always get a “chime” sound out of each of your guitars. I was thinking that you might pick like “The Edge” in the fact that you use the side of the pick with the grippy part that grabs the string to give it that sound. Anyways, if so, what kind of picks are you using? Dunlop, Snarling Dogs, etc…

  • Timothy Brian Waldvogel

    Did you have wet/dry problems with the RV5 using stereo inputs.i tried mine tonight not realizing that when input B is used, it’s makes the pedal wet/dry

    • Andy Othling

      I’m not sure what you mean. I never had any issues like that.

  • James Lensing II

    Hi Andy I was wondering about the partscaster is it a B-Bender Body and can u post or send me some pics of th back I like the vol under the bridge!!! Thanks keep up the good music!!!! I wish I could do Ambient Stuff like you I got all the right gear just the wrong brain!!! LOL thanks! :)

    • Andy Othling

      It’s not a B-Bender body, someone literally just drilled a hole near the bridge and stuck the electronics there.

  • Alex Turnip

    Hi Andy, long time admirer of you music here.

    I have a question about the placement of your volume pedal, does it actually make much difference when you put it just before the delay/reverb side of your board compared to putting it at the very beginning in front of everything?

    • John Fletcher Elder V

      I like to use volume after drives. That way you swell with a signal that’s always driven the same. If you put the volume before the drives you’ll end up “cleaning up” the drive with volume down, then when you swell it’ll add DRIVE more than it will boost VOLUME.

      That could be a cool effect but most people want to swell in volume, not dirt

  • Werner Mena

    Why do you put the effects in front of the amp as opposed to the loop?

    • Andy Othling

      Because running stereo with effects loops would be a mess, and because I like how it sounds running into the front. Clarity isn’t always better.

      • Werner Mena

        I tried running a couple of time-based effects in the front of the amp, it sounds good but it gets horribly muddy when I use the overdrive from the amp. Any suggestions?

        • Andy Othling

          That’s hard… I don’t have that issue because I don’t use amp overdrive. If you really wanna use the amp dirt you should probably use the effects loop.

          • Werner Mena

            Cool! Are those Walrus drives any good? I mean they sound nice in videos but in person, are they more towards modern or vintage drives? Could you dial in some pretty heavy distortion?

  • Time

    Who was your guitar teacher?

  • Damir

    What do you think are so good pedals to use for this kind of stuff, i was thinking an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, and a good delay that is less then $200, any recommendations?

  • Luke

    What does having the compressor at the beginning of your chain do to your tone before the tuner?

    • Andy Othling

      In relation to the tuner, it really doesn’t matter. I just want both as close to the beginning of the chain as possible.

  • Rory

    Where did you get the straight 1/4″ cables that you use to connect some of the pedals?

    • Andy Othling

      Not sure where you’re seeing those. All the patch cables are right-angle.

  • Timothy Brian Waldvogel

    Back when you were using a ac15, was it the ac15cc1?
    And I’m curious to know if you ever had a problem with it.

    • Andy Othling

      It was. I never had any issues with it.

      • Timothy Brian Waldvogel

        It’s hard when half the things your read online are from the people posting their woes with gear, rather than the many invididuals that had amazing tone with the gear. You know? Thanks for the reply. I am still considering picking one up in a trade for my stereo rig.

        • Alex Milvert

          I have a AC15CC1, except I’ve swapped the stock speaker out for a Celestion Blue. I’ve never encountered any problems with it either. Hope this gives you some reassurance!

  • Caleb

    So you power the timeline with your pedal power 2+? Strymon doesn’t recomend it but i guess a lot of people do it. Do you have issues and how do you do it?

    • Andy Othling

      I use the courtesy outlet.

  • Wayne

    Do you like your DMMTT or El Capistan more for ambient swells?

  • Joshua Duncan

    Andy, I recently got a Goodrich L-120 Volume. I am quite confused on which input to use on the side. Could you get back to me on which inputs you use and why. Thanks!

  • Gregg

    Is your Mini Buffer the true bypass version?

  • joao miranda

    andy, how heavy gets the PT-3 full loaded with pedals with the hardcase? is easy to carry to gigs?

  • Tom Broshuis

    What kind of Picks do you use? You have such a nice chimey sound.

  • Matt

    Hey Andy! I’m just trying to figure out if i should get a JHS modified EB VP jr., or if i should get the goodrich. I don’t know a lot about the goodrich, but i have heard that its pretty good. i also know that the active mod for the EB is pretty good too. your advice would be appreciated :)

  • Caleb Zedwick

    thats a lot of delay man im loving it

  • Gregg

    Hey Andy, just a heads up; your link to the Xotic BB preamp on your pedals list actually redirects you to the Walrus Mayflower.

  • Michael

    Hey Andy, not sure if anyone’s asked this yet or not, but do you know what pickups are in your ’78 Les Paul? I’m kinda the same as you as far as feeling most LPs tend to sound really dark and even muddy at times. I have one right now but I’m not a huge fan of it’s sound and I’m hoping a pickup swap would help me get the tone I want out of it, otherwise I’m gonna have to let it go. Thanks for the response ahead of time!

  • Von

    While researching the Boomerang III I found a reference on a forum to
    your YouTube account…holy crap. I am blown away by your stuff…I have
    a question I am hoping you can help me with. I see you make incredible
    use of the Boomerang.

    I am in a 3 piece band and I am the guitarist…we do ambient post rock but want a
    bigger sound through looping. I am currently using Ableton with a FCB
    1010 but it is cumbersome and bulky. Do you ever sync the Boomerang to a
    DAW or a click? Is this possible? Our goal is to have backing
    tracks running with a click and to be able to drop in and out with loops.
    Do you have a recommendation for this?

  • Sam Jage

    Great Videos Man!
    My question is ” Do you use your Amp FX Loop ” or are you straight in?

    • Andy Othling

      Nope, I just go straight in!

  • Carson

    Andy – How are you utilizing the different features of the Stereo Wet Reverb as opposed to the BlueSky? Which one in your opinion has the best shimmer feature?

    • Andy Othling

      The wet doesn’t have a shimmer feature… I never use it on the bluesky anyway.

      • Carson

        I believe you can download the shimmer feature onto the wet.… Thanks for the reply!

        • Andy Othling

          Yeah I know, but I don’t really want it… I’m not a big fan of shimmer :)

  • Cameron

    Andy, have you ever played through the Fulltone OCD pedal? It is my current distortion and I’m not sure if I want to give it up for the Walrus Audio Mayflower. Thanks!

  • Mitchell Brandon Miles

    Hey Andy, I’ve never played a Blue Sky or Stereo Wet in person, ans I’ve learned relyon demos. But, between the BSR and SW is it possible to get a RV-5 mod sound out of either one? (not stacking)

    • Andy Othling

      If you want an RV-5 sound, definitely go with the Wet over the Blue Sky.

      • Mitchell Brandon Miles

        Hmm, okay, were you using the Wet in the beginning of Ambient Song 22? Or was that the BSR?

        • Andy Othling

          I don’t really remember. It may have been a little of both.

          • Mitchell Brandon Miles

            Maybe I just need to get both then:/ haha thanks man.

          • Mitchell Brandon Miles

            Oh, and how do you go about traveling with your half stacks? Is there a case for the whole thing or do you just get a case for the head and then for the cab?

          • Andy Othling

            I have separate cases for the head and cab.

  • Matt

    Andy — any reason you put the Goodrich volume pedal in the middle of the chain? Right after the comp and OD’s, but before the delays/verbs? Thanks!

  • Ong Jie Xiang

    Any reason why you remove the Echo Park Line 6?

  • Jeff Snyder

    Hey man, was curious about your choice of the boomerang. I’ve been back and forth between it and the boss rc-300 and wanted to know what features sold you/turned you off.

  • Scott

    Hey Andy,
    I am currently looking at getting a reverb pedal and I love the sound you get out of both your bluesky and the stereo wet however I can only afford one of those at the moment… If you had to pick between one of them, which would you choose?
    Thanks heaps!

  • Elementdriv3r

    Can you explain how you equalize the volume output between so many different guitars? I have two, and its a pain to try to adjust for the differences. Does your compressor do most of the leveling, or do you manually make amp/pedal adjustments with certain changes? Thanks.

  • joe

    hey man. i had a huge pedal board before and had it all stolen. i’m putting it back together now and am looking to upgrade to some better quality pedals then before. i’m thinking about strymon and am curious your thoughts on a few things. if you have a few mins i’d love to exchange an e-mail or two. or
    i too have a boomerang and find it is one of the best pedals i’ve ever gotten. i currently use a stereo memory man with hazarai and a dd-20 for delay. i had an echolution before but really didn’t dig it that much. i also had an rv-5 before but am thinking of getting a slint or a blue sky. i also am thinking about a timeline but am not sure if it is worth it or if i should go for another high end delay pedal.

  • thomas

    Hey Andy,

    I am considering buying a lot of pedals, delays en verbs cause of your awesome vids! really inspiring men! I already want a RV 5 and El Capistan but don’t know yet what other delay might be cool. What’s a better delay to ad for a more fullness epic swell approach? The line 6 echo park, Timeline or the Memory Men with tap function? And what reverb is better for modulation, the wet reverb or bluesky?

  • Matt Green

    Have you ever owned the Keeley compressor? I use that but it cuts the lows and kills some of the original tone and is very bright. Does the Diamond compressor do this?

  • Nathan Isaacs

    What do you usually set the compression on your Diamond at? and why? I have seen some videos where you have it set to around 10/11:00 and others where you have had it more around 2:00.

  • cobi

    hey, andy, i’m curious about your amps. how would you compare/contrast the Clubman and Chieftain? i’ve always wanted to get a matchless amp one day, i just don’t know which one.

  • Maurilio

    Hi Andy, great work. With all these pedals, do you use some noise supressor?

  • victorcao

    Andy, what do you think about true bypass loopers for your setup?

    • Andy Othling

      Seems unnecessary, plus I don’t want to deal with/buy more patch cables or give up pedalboard space.

      • victorcao

        Without a looper, do you get any audible clicking when you have a lot of pedal on? I just want to get a sense of your setup because I’m running a lot of similar pedals.

  • Thaygor

    Hi Andy.
    I admire your videos “ambient song” youtube.

    I’m starting to monter my setup now, and I have a doubt:
    For this type of effect, it is best to leave the volume pedal at the end of the string or before the delay and reverb?


    • Andy Othling

      Definitely before the delay and reverb so you don’t cut off their trails.

      • Thaygor


        I’ll leave this sequence then:
        Amp-> Comp (MXR dyna comp) -> Over (TS9) -> Volume (VP JR) -> Delay (Boss DD20) -> Reverb (Boss RV-5) -> Guitar.

        Would you recommend other pedals that are fundamental to the effect swells?

  • Ian

    Hey Andy! Quick question for you… Do you have any videos about making your rig stereo? I am considering getting a second amp and splitting my signal but I am unsure how to do it. I have heard that it is possible to keep one amp clean and just run your drives through one of them also. Do you have any videos about this or it is something you can explain to me? Thanks a lot!

  • Eric

    Update this page man! The new board looks great!

  • KIT

    Hi Andy, any reasons that you don’t use buffered volume pedal instead?Thanks!

  • Adam

    Hey Andy, I have a bit of a strange question for you. I’m currently sitting in front of my pedalboard (a PT-Pro) and my goodrich L120, unable to figure out how to velcro the thing to my board! The feet are causing me problems, if you take them off the whole bottom metal plate comes off but I at least need the two southern feet to be removed so that I can make the pedal actually stay stuck to my board. Can’t find any help online, and you’re one of the only active users of this volume pedal that I know of. Got any tips? Could you snap a picture or two? It would be much appreciated and save me potential hours of frustration!

  • Nick

    Hi dude! How often do you use the Timmy? I’m looking to get it as a first-stage OD soon. You approve?

  • gideon

    does it matter where you put your tuner in your chain.? i just got a deep six and im running out of room on my board on the right side of the volume. i guess im asking if its okay to put the tuner in the tuner out on the volume pedal (tone wise) or if its better to have it after the volume but in the signal chain

  • jesse

    Can you get a nice ambient pad type sound with the ehx superego?

  • Brett Allen

    I’ve been contemplating purchasing both the superego and micro pog for ambience and swelling, but I’m not sure how necessary both are. What are the reasons for each pedal having a space on your board?

  • Zack

    how are you powering your timeline? i mean obviously through your pp2+ but i’ve heard lots of people say you have to use some sort of current doubler so it can get the necessary 300 mA. just wondering how true that statement is. thanks!

  • Tristan

    He Andy what do you think of the hardwire naturale ambient reverb pedal?

  • Chris

    What is the function of the EP Booster near the end of the chain?

  • Trevor

    your ambient song #22 is on another level man , some of us only dream of sounding like this but never achieve it , thank you for all the tips and knowledge you are putting on the web. truly a huge fan.

  • Leon

    Why did you pick the Goodrich L-120 as your volume pedal?

  • Oleg

    Hey Andy. During your first videos, you used these awesome blue illuminated guitar cables. Could you please give me some more info about them?

  • Tom Jesson

    Do you power your Strymon Timeline with the pedal power 2 + ? Strymon say that it needs a minimum of 300ma…

  • Jeff


    What bands are you influenced by? I’m surprised no one has asked this already.

    Keep up the amazing sounds.

  • Eric

    Time to update!

  • jas

    why don’t you use the effects loop?

  • Inhame

    I’m brazilian and man, I love your songs. They make me cry

  • Jonathan

    Hey Andy, For ambient guitars, would you recommend a tele? I see that you don’t use very typical teles but i’m stomped as to which tele i should get. American special, standard, Deluxe etc. Thanks!

  • Maicon RenDsi

    how this1smyne mini buffer? and how to use it? also has a Mini Expression Pedal, how to use it?