Podcast Interviews

Here's a collection of different podcasts I've been on. All were fun and all went different directions. I very much love the podcast medium and feel the most comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas there. Enjoy!

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100 words or less: the Podcast

"One of the more introspective and interesting conversations on the podcast I have ever had with Andy Othling from Lowercase Noises. He is a one man band from Albuquerque, New Mexico and his music is beautiful, haunting and trance inducing. After getting to know him a bit, I knew he’d be a great guest for the show and he did not disappoint. We speak in depth about solitude, computer science and the creative process. I urge you to listen to this episode as we go down roads that I think many people would be able to relate with. Enjoy!"

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Open air with Alex Sugg

"I got to sit down with Andy Othling at his home studio. We talk about his journey to becoming a musician, how social media has driven his career and how his faith doesn't affect the art he makes."

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A Series Of Special Guests

"Anybody who has listened to me talk about music in the last few years knows that I spend a lot of time listening to Lowercase Noises. If I need to think, create, dream, exist, whatever, it’s the background. If you’re a writer or any other type of artist who likes music to create to OR if you’re going to head into a sensory deprivation tank or a Reiki healing session–this is often my soundtrack.

Lowercase Noises isn’t a band, it’s one guy–Andy Othling–whose stated mission is “playing the guitar as slow as possible.” No matter what you might think that sounds like, it’s probably not what you’ll hear.

This was a fascinating conversation for me as I had an opportunity to discuss the thoughts and history behind the project, including how Andy was inspired for one album by the story of a persecuted Russian family who disappeared into the remote Siberian taiga and avoided any human interaction for more than forty years. I’m excited for you to learn more about Lowercase Noises and I hope you enjoy."



"In Episode 95, Keith and Justin sit down to talk with Andy Othling from the band Lowercase Noises. The guys talk about getting signed to Bad Christian Music and how his new album is coming along. They also discuss Andy's podcast, Ink & Echo, and how we love having conversations on these shows. We also discuss what it's like to produce music and podcasts independently, and how it is possible to make a living on Spotify. We really enjoyed this interview, so be sure to listen!"


Guitar Speak Podcast

"Today we speak to Andy Othling, the man behind lowercase noises. Andy has a built a full time career crafting beautiful ambient and cinematic pieces and taking on some super creative projects.

Andy tells of his emerging influences, delving into instrumental guitar, touring as a soloist and sideman, his new podcast, gear and much more."