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This week has been hard. I took a lot of time off work so that I could get this album finished. I figured that would be best, because at work I was so distracted that it was hard to get anything done there anyway. But it is done, and it feels a little strange.

I feel like once you get to the mixing stage of a project, you get a little bitter. You start getting sick of the songs because you’ve heard that one section a thousand times. You start to be more critical and find more things wrong that you were planning on “fixing in the mix”, but you probably should have just fixed earlier. But really I think you start to get sort of a false view of the song that (hopefully) not everyone will have. You’re kind of looking at the song from the inside out. You’re listening for any problem and attempt to remedy it. The excitement of “man, that’s a cool little melody there” wears off and you’re more concerned with “man, I can’t seem to cut that frequency just right” or whatever. I forget that people aren’t really going to be listening to the song the same way that I am now. They are going to be listening for (hopefully) pleasure or leisure or whatever. So then I start doubting that cool little melody and start thinking “man, people are gonna hear that weird frequency and shut the music off and go back to some good music like Hammock”.

And then you get to the point where you’ve just got to stop. You start going down rabbit trails tweaking stuff, and you’ve just got to back out and realize that you’ll never get anything done if you move along at this pace, and that most people aren’t even going to notice it. You have to be careful with that last part though. Sometimes there is the temptation to come too far back and just leave in too many things that you should have paid a little more attention to.

So I’ve gone back and forth this week. I’ve been happy with what I’ve done and what the album will be. And I’ve been discouraged, thinking about how much time I’ve spent on some of these songs and thinking that it’s going to be completely obvious how poor of a job I did on them. But I think I’ve been too hard on myself in those cases. I’m glad to have a couple weeks away from the music before it comes back from mastering. I think the songs will sound new and exciting to me again. Hopefully. And hopefully you’ll like it as well.

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  • Shannon Penner

    Well, regardless of what YOU think of your abilities, I personally can’t wait to hear it.

    • andy

      Thanks Shannon, I do hope you like it :)

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/danielprendiville djp

    I know exactly what you’re going through and it’s at times like this that you wish there was someone you could just hand the material over to and say “hey, make something out of that…”. But if you’ve taken on the mantle of “producer”, then ultimately you’re accepting responsibility for the overall sound of the project. So if there’s something about a track that’s bothering you but that you can’t quite fix yourself maybe it’s a case of (a) geting a fresh pair of ears who’d either fix the problem for you or tell you not to worry about it or (b) ditch the track altogether. Either way, it’s your call.

    Good luck with the project and I look forward to hearing it in due course.



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